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by Gary Davies

Posted on Aprit 7, 2016

No new build right now but a number of things are going on with the development. I'm building a dedicated server which I hope to be able to deploy as a docker container.
With a few dedicated servers running I'm hoping to configure the Android client to use a static IP for the servers which I hope will fix the client/server issues that Unreal Engine currently has with Android. Most of the changes to this build are under the hood, compiling the game through the engine source to build the dedicated server.

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1.2.13 build release

by Gary Davies

Posted on March 24, 2016

Super busy working on some other projects this month, still have some stuff to develop estimate development on Stampy to restart in 3 weeks.
- Multicast the card transfer from client to server
- #bug0014 decks work nice on client wins but not lose, testing for server win/lose neeed
- #bug0015 possible chase event, sometimes the player has no card or stats displayed despite having cards left in his deck #0014 may fix
- added GitHub LFS to version control so zip can be synced on website repository

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1.2.12 build release

by Gary Davies

Posted on March 7, 2016

-Added states for menu, playing and errors. Will now start with menu widget open and game screen hidden.
-Added player start logic to prevent additional player from joining and hijacking session
-Merged decks and split between two players
-Loop so deck cycles while in play
-Buttons are disabled by default and become enabled after oppent takes turn
-Logic to remove card from losers deck and update the winners deck then refresh HUD. #bug0014 authority/remote updates not propagating accurately, taking deck out of sync
-Debug message for deck counts

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Stampy blog

by Gary Davies

Posted on February 20, 2016

Stampy is in full developmental swing, I'll be bringing you along with me on a journey of discovery and development. Building a simple example of a multiplayer game using Unreal Engine 4...

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To download the latest alpha release (which is entirely different to the current store release) you can now sign up to become a tester, if you have any feedback or queries please email me at

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The Windows build is functional and will act as server when permitted through your firewall, once a server is created by clicking the {Play Stampy!} button it is possible to connect from another Windows machine or from an Android device connected to the same network.

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An iOS build is in the pipeline and should be available once the game is in a more completed state, meanwhile some of my early research into audio classes for Android (and to a lesser extent iOS) API's can be accessed here